How to create an app like SnapChat and how much does it cost

Your app developers would be keen to know what language is Snapchat written in while initiating the tech operations. They would also like to know more regarding the APIs, libraries, and frameworks used. All these components together form the technology stack used in the project and incur a specific cost. It may cost you around $10,000 to $20,000 for setting up an ideal technical stack for your project. The last Snapchat alternative on the list is Marco Polo, supporting text messages, video chats, and video messages.

Creating a design that is easy to navigate while ensuring user engagement is one of the most important phases that determine the overall success of your app. You can even use Snapchat’s own Lens studio app for the creation of your own AR animation. The user sends a message to another user, which is uploaded on Snapchat servers. The user receives the message notification and the content gets downloaded to a temporary location on the device.

Developing a Vet On-demand App in 2023

Moreover, you can share your location with friends or other users. You’ll probably want to add this exciting story feature to your new app. With such a feature, you can see content from friends and well-known regional or global brands, including IT corporations, magazines, and others. In the first quarter of 2022, Snapchat had 363 million daily active users worldwide.

If you want to build an app like Snapchat, think about a few interesting and, preferably, unique features able to make your service special. The application is being used daily by 158 million people; every day they’re sending about 2.5 billion snaps – photos or short videos. This is the success story of Snapchat, a mobile messenger with text, photo and video content that disappears a few seconds after it is received. Snapchat’s success inspires a lot of entrepreneurs, and we receive a lot of requests to estimate the cost to build an app like Snapchat.

Start Coding to Build App Like Snapchat

Let’s connect today to get started on your path to 100% automation, reduced overhead costs, large ROI, and so much more. One of the biggest reasons behind Snapchat’s popularity and success was its ability to incorporate innovative ideas into the product. Our team at ConsultingWhiz has 10+ years of experience in the Custom Software development industry with an innovative leadership team ready to provide you with exactly what you need.

  • Just stay creative and find new monetization opportunities.
  • Below you can find a draft of such a business model canvas with a short description for each of the blocks.
  • It is a must-have feature that allows users to view all the content in a profile without opening each photo.
  • Advanced technologies and resources are needed, which usually come at a higher price involved snapchat app development.
  • A key feature of the app is that it offers a wide range of drawing tools that can be used to personalize Snaps.

In this section, we present the Snapchat features that make the essence of this application and that will help you find out how to make an app like Snapchat. But first, let’s start with a brief overview of this popular application. This kind of access assist the premium account holders to get try on new features and experience the overall lenses according to the customization.

How much does it cost to make a Snapchat-like app

Moreover, it is one of the most popular communication platforms among American teenagers. So if your brand or media is aimed at this audience, how to make an app like snapchat you just need to create your Snapchat-like app. Sponsored lenses and Geofilters are two other ways Snapchat app earns money.

how to make an app like snapchat

For a medium and high level of complexity with more features, it can take four to six months to build an app like Snapchat. Our efforts helped Scrollme get nearly two million monthly active users and over 1.3 billion video uploads. Also, calculate the estimated cost to create an app like Snapchat and think of future app monetization too.

Location Sharing

This can help you make informed decisions about your app development budget and ensure that you have the necessary resources to create a successful app. You can also go through our post to find out more Snapchat app features to add in your app and make it more useful. So, here, in this blog, we have provided a detailed breakdown of the cost to build an app like Snapchat. However, this blog has complete bifurcation and everything you need to know about the cost of developing an app like Snapchat.

how to make an app like snapchat

QA & testing – application testing to identify and solve any bugs. Coding – the creation of the app’s codebase, integration with APIs, SDKs, and third-party solutions. Advertisers can place an ad on Instagram through Facebook, even if they don’t have an Instagram account. Carousel ads are just like posts but contain several images.

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So make sure that content sharing on your app is easy and marketers don’t end up questioning the worth of running a marketing campaign on your app. The mass adoption of any app heavily depends on how great the UI design is. The user interface needs to be easy to learn and quick to navigate. Sure you are here to learn about how to build an app like Snapchat, but we are also going to tell you what are the things you need to avoid in an app model like Snapchat. Snapchat leverages the advantages of many developmental languages to make it the best in the market. Other languages used for this app are Python, Objective-C for iOS, and PHP.